2019–2020: A FABULOUS 55th Season

Single-event tickets for upcoming season are on sale now or, for the best prices, purchase event packages of 6, 12, or Choose Any 2, 3, 4, or 5!


We have brought back the popular CHOOSE ANY options for our 55th season, with the same prices and value as last season! Secure the best seat locations for any two, three, four, or five events you choose, and save on ticket costs compared to single-ticket prices.

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choose any 5, Save up to 20%; Available Now

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choose any 4, Save up to 15%; Available now

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choose any 3, Save up to 10%; Available NOW

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choose any 2, Save up to 5%; Available now

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Single-Event tickets are on Sale now.

You may attend all 2019–2020 performances by ordering Complete Series packages. Subscribe online or call 816.415.5025 for assistance. Sign up to receive email messages about upcoming events and our 55th Anniversary Season!

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Great Music and Dance { A package of 6 PERFORMANCES: Save up to 50% }

Great Masters: The Ingram Events { A Package of 6 Performances: Save up to 50% }

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