Thank you for joining us!

We enjoyed a night of celebration, delicious food and drinks, and beautiful music at the stunning 1900 Building. Your generous support makes our free community programming possible, connecting artists with Kansas City students, audiences, and lifelong learners. Thank you again!

Specially designed for the Harriman-Jewell Series, puzzles were provided to guests to continue the Prelude fun!

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We also held two rounds of a listening game of Series artists. For those of you who participated, we asked some of our nearest and dearest Harriman-Jewell Series artists to offer their thoughts on how to listen to music: 


“I would suggest people listen with an open heart and open mind!  Allow your mind to go wherever it chooses with what you hear. That is the beauty in music of all kinds, including classical—it speaks to every listener differently. Enjoy that. There are no rules on how to appreciate it!”

Joyce DiDonato, mezzo-soprano

One of my favorite ways to listen to music is to let my imagination run wild. As I rarely take an academic approach to the listening of music, I don’t like to spend time thinking how I “should” react, or what it “really means”. (Although without question, learning about the time period, the composer’s life, the poetry and politics of the day can bring great context!) Instead, I love to rely on my imagination to create visuals, to see colors, to be pulled completely into the fantasy sound-world that is laid at my feet. It grants me full permission to FEEL with every fiber of my being. This is when the experience for me is it’s strongest: when the music transports me far away, deep into the inner corners of my imagination! To quote the great Disney Princess, “Let it go.” 

EMANUEL AX, pianist

“Music is special because each person has their own vision of the story the music tells. There are no pictures or words to restrict our imagination—the feelings and thoughts are different for each one of us.  The wonderful thing is that it also can bring us together so that we have the best of both worlds—community through freedom.”

DANiel BELCHER, baritone

"How to listen" to a piece of music....with your ears and most importantly, your imagination wide open.  Anything new in life is a challenge....I choose to greet each new experience open. Music and the arts reflect what we are in that moment in time, in our lives. It can entertain, it can touch us, it can challenge us, it can ask us questions, it can reveal new possibilities. Yes, all of that exists in a piece of music.  Allow yourself to experience....FULLY!

Whether it is popular or classical, I approach it the same way.  Music does something to me and my heart.  I feel most alive in music. Whether Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary or VERY Contemporary, allow the music to wash over you and participate with your imagination. Will you like everything, maybe, maybe not. But, one informs the next and it will help you identify what you love the most. Music becomes our heartbeat and our heartbeat the music. I encourage you to take that journey!!!


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